Monday, 1 December 2014

What mother really wants...

Welcome to the first window on this, now annual, advent calendar blog. Once again, I am attempting to provide something of an antidote to the tinsel-tossed schmaltz that tends to swamp us at this time of year.

I've decided this year to share some of the most outrageous festive advertising of yesteryear I've come across. Arguably, none of those featured are quite as offensive or ill thought-through as this year's House of Fraser television ad campaign. Urgh. But, anyway - brace yourself for all manor of inappropriate gift suggestions,

We begin with this ad, which probably quite accurately reflects what many mothers do 'really want' come the big day.
I particularly love the look of gay merriment on this lady's face as she swings her new piece wildly around the room - presumably shortly after Delia's stuffing recipe went tits up and someone dared to ask if there was any bread sauce...

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